Parameter Group 1

At least one parameter among city, state and country must be provided unless emails is provided.


Parameter Group 2

At least one parameter among company, title, keywords, expertise should be provided unless emails is provided.

Here is the list of supported parameters:

keywordsKeywords found in the profile.keywords=java or keywords=[java,remote]
expertiseThe expertise of the profile.expertise=react or keywords=[react,java]
emailsEmails associated with a or emails=[[email protected], [email protected]]
companyCurrent company or previous companies where the profile is working or has or company=[Rhetorik,ACME]
titleCurrent or previous titles of the profile.title=software%20engineer or title=[Engineer, Tester]
cityThe city where the profile is locatedcity=Quebec or city=[Quebec, Montreal]
radiusSearch radius in miles.
Only available when a city is provided
stateState where the profile is located (For Canada and the US only)state=California or state = [California,Florida]
countryThe country where the profile is locatedcountry=Canada or country = [Canada,France]
pageWhich page of the results to retrieve
Default to 1
per_pageThe number of results to return per page.
Default to 10.
Minimum = 1 & Maximum = 100

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