Parameter Group 1

At least one parameter among city, state and country must be provided unless emails is provided.


Parameter Group 2

At least one parameter among company, title should be provided unless emails is provided.

Here is the list of supported parameters:

firstNameFirst name of the profile.firstName=Jane
lastNameLast name of the profile.lastName=Doe
emailsEmails associated with a or emails=[[email protected], [email protected]]
companyThe name of the company where the profile has worked or is currently
titleThe profile's title is at the given company if the company parameter is provided. If the company parameter is not provided, the title the profile has held or is currently holdingtitle=software%20engineer
cityThe city where the profile is locatedcity=Quebec
stateState of profile's location (For Canada and the US only).state=QC
countryThe country where the profile is
pageWhich page of the results to retrieve
Default to 1
per_pageThe number of results to return per page.
Default to 10.
Minimum = 1 & Maximum = 100

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